Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mushroom Soup


The newest entry on my last-meal menu.

Mushroom Soup
Adapted from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen

1 Carrot, finely minced
1-2 Celery Stalks, finely minced
3 T. Olive Oil
1 large Portobello Mushroom
1/2 lb. Shitake Mushrooms
5 cloves Garlic, crushed and minced
3/4 C. Vermouth
1 14.5 oz. can Diced Tomatoes, with juice
3/4 C. Vegetable Broth
1 pint Whipping Cream
1 C. Cheese, Parmesan and Romano
1 t. Cornstarch
1/4 C. Water
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat oil over medium heat in a large deep pot.  Add garlic and cook for approximately 1 - 2 minutes.  Add the minced carrot and celery and cook for approximately 4 minutes, until softened.  Add mushrooms and allow them to reduce and soften.  Add Vermouth and cook for a few additional minutes.  

Add tomatoes and broth, allow to cook for approximately 5 minutes before adding the whipping cream and bringing to a soft boil.  Add grated Parmesan and allow to cook for a few minutes, until the cheese is melted and blended with the soup.

Add cornstarch to water and pour into soup.  Lower heat and let the soup simmer for approximately 10 minutes, until thickened.  Salt and pepper to taste.

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