Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mussels with Bacon and Tomatoes

First time making mussels!

Mussels with Bacon and Tomatoes
Adapted from Bon Appetit on Epicurious
Serves 2

6 slices Bacon, cut crosswise into 1/3-inch-wide strips
1 medium Onion, chopped
3 Garlic cloves, minced
1 14-oz. can Diced Tomatoes
2 C. Vegetable Broth
1/2 C. Roasted Red Bell Peppers from jar, drained and chopped
1/2 lb. Mussels, scrubbed
1/4 C. Parsley, chopped

Heat large pot over medium-high heat.  Add bacon and onion; saute until bacon is crisp around edges and onion starts to brown, stirring, about 8 minutes.  Add garlic; stir 1 minute.  Add tomatoes, peppers, and broth; bring to boil, scraping up browned bits.  Add mussels, cover, and boil until mussels open, stirring occasionally, 8 to 10 minutes (discard any that do not open).

Stir in parsley and serve.

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